SR 4000 Speed Relay

Standard Series

Comprising Product Code SR4### – ?

Dual Ac Supply Standard (Optional – 12/24 Volt Dc)

Easy Setting Of Required Trip/Alarm Speed Directly In Rpm

Extensive range of optional features including automatic start delay (refer to additional information on automatic start delay operation)

Multiple Ranges, Fixed Start Delay, Etc.

Three speed ranges are available on each module. Standard ranges are 1-10 rpm, 1-100rpm and 1-1000 rpm. The required range being selected by link on the terminal rail. Other modules are available with ranges covering the speeds 0.01 rpm to 20,000 rpm.

In normal operation the output relay of the module is energised if the speed of the shaft is above the set level and de-energised if speed is below the set level.

Front mounted LED’s indicate power on, relay energised, input signal status.

Optional Automatic Start Delay

The following option can be included to any SR 4000 type unit.

The automatic start delay on the SR 4000 speed relays operates as follows:

As soon as the main drive is started and the Rotech Motion Sensor/Encoder starts to
rotate the start delay is initiated.

The start delay energises the SR 4000 speed relay for a period of 20 seconds.

During this period the drive should reach its normal operating speed and the speed
relay will then remain energised.

If the drive does not reach its normal running speed by the end of the 20 seconds the
speed relay will de-energise and the drive will shut down.

The 20 second start delay will only re-operate if the speed of the drive drops below
1 RPM and remains below 1 RPM for a period of 20 seconds.

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