AUE 400 Speed Relay

Advanced Series

Comprising Product Code AUE4## – ?

Set trip/alarm speed directly in RPM from plant control panel

This unit includes as standard:

  • Dual AC Supply 110/240VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Single output relay S.P.C.O. – Volt Free Contacts
  • 3 Selectable Speed Ranges – Factory Settings – 0 to 10, 100 & 1000 RPM
  • Selectable start delay – Factory setting = 10 seconds
  • Input signal repeat output – open collector transistor
AUE 400

1. The AUE 400 monitors the speed of a drive and gives a signal if the speed of the drive
falls below or rises above its normal running speed. The output relay of the AUE 400 can
be connected to give a variety of control functions.

  1. The output relay can be connected to sound an alarm, bring on a warning light, etc.
  2. It can be connected into the motor control circuit to switch off/trip out the drive motor.
  3. It can be connected into the motor control circuit of a conveyor, machine, etc. preceding the drive to which it is fitted, to stop the delivery of material, etc. to the drive that has slowed down or stopped.
  4. With the use of additional control relays and / or timers the above functions can be combined, plus many others created.

2. Use of the 10 second start up delay is optional. This feature is normally only required
when the AUE 400 is connected as in 1.2 above and the time taken to reach normal running
speed is several seconds or longer.

3. The repeat output facility allows the input pulses from the motion sensor/ encoder
to be re-transmitted to other equipment. Typical applications are speed indication,
secondary input to plc, computer, etc. Analogue conversion 0 to 10VDC/4 to 20MA, etc. or
connecting two or more AUE 400 modules to a single motion sensor/ encoder to obtain
multiple alarm/trip levels.

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